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    Foundry Club

    Coworking, Innovative Venture

    Foundry Club is an executive membership-based coworking space. A champion for liberty and free enterprise, Foundry Club serves entrepreneurs and business managers by providing the services, resources and community they need to create, connect and grow. Their unique offering provides concierge services, innovative business programs, access to capital and an international entrepreneurial community. From startup to IPO, Foundry Club members find camaraderie in their pursuit to build a purposeful life and business.


    Under our strategic resources, Foundry Club Inc. built partnerships and were able to secure and renovate a 15,000 sq ft facility in Beijing within months. We also helped them expand their US market presence, opening 5 new locations in 2016.

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    Phoenix Green Food

    Organic Food, Consumer Goods

    Phoenix Green Foods is an all-natural organic food producers. Using All Natural or American Organic certified products, Phoenix Green Foods provides authentic, Asian inspired flavors across the East Coast. We have made unprecedented success, as we are the first Chinese product line to be sold in Whole Foods and remain a unique product in the United States. Made in the United States, our All Natural Products or Organic products follow strict codes and laws that contain NO Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colors.


    DFW Excellerator is currently sourcing international investors, holding roadshows in both the US and China, and creating distribution channels overseas. We are shipping 30,000 jars/month to China currently.

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    Consumer Goods, IoT Solution

    WavCatcher specializes in the design and development of mobility technology and solutions. We are a team of squaring the circle innovators with military, aerospace and enterprise experience that span over 40 years (including work on the Patriot Missile system). By improving wireless signals, we fulfill our mission to improve the mobile experience.



    In addition to funding a seed round, DFW Excellerator is continuously sourcing overseas manufacturers for WavCatcher Inc. to save cost and attract additional investors for a subsequent Series A. We also collaborated to win a Top 10 spot in TEEC North America Startup Contest


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    Earthwater Inc.

    Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    EarthWater Inc. a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral infused beverages under the brand FulHum is a mineral infused beverage that detoxifies, energies and re-hydrates your body naturally. It is a black-colored water that has been mined from a multi-million year old preserved deposit.


    Under DFW Excellerator’s promotions, Earthwater Inc. has increased awareness in China and entered Chinese market successfully. We provided channels of distribution not only in China but also domestically for Earthwater Inc.

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    Dor Technology

    Big Data solution for retail industry

    Dor Technologies Inc. is a big data company for the retail industry. The Dor team created the first foot traffic counter to be affordable, easy to install, and intuitive enough for anyone to understand. Over time it will tell retailers: foot traffic, conversion, and marketing effectiveness; historically, in the moment, and forecast.


    DFW Excellerator is currently securing overseas investors and holding roadshows both in China to accelerate the speed of international financing. We are also sourcing distributors in China in preparation for global expansion.

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    Nitero is a fabless semiconductor company developing high performance, low power 60GHz CMOS solutions. The company’s world-class engineering team has delivered the industry’s first end-to-end 60GHz Wi-Fi solution designed for mobile applications from the ground up. Nitero’s technology builds on CMOS mm-wave research conducted by NICTA and the University of Melbourne from 2004


    Nitero is funded by leading venture capitalists with deep semiconductor roots – Austin Ventures, Southern Cross Venture and Trailblazer Capital.

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