• We are Your Trusted Partner in China


    Import Only the Unique and Healthy

  • Processes and Capabilities​

    Our distribution network covers major hotels, schools and hospitals in China; over 100+ local distribution partners, operate 300+ vending machines; access to gas station, convenient and premium stores; JD.com and Alibaba.com, etc online stores.

    1. Initial Engagement

    • Both parties evaluate engagement with fee schedule and sign the NDA
    • Client send ingredient Table and Package Layout
    • Our team translate to Chinese based on the content

    2. Product Evaluation

    • 3rd Party evaluation and certification and provide the results to client.
    • Labeling verification and approval from Chinese custom and inspection. 
    • Test the regional market for product before triggering a national roll-out.

    3. Go-to-Market

    • Penetrate - define the brand story and determine target markets. 
    • define the target customers, channel, and pricing. 
    • implement the go-to-market strategy with the PR initiatives.
  • Client Testimonials

    "DFW Excellerator took our company into China within 3 to 4 months. Now we are up and running in Beijing China with 17,000 squre foot facility. And that's what DFW Excellerator can do. They are a great company to work with.


    - Barry Capece

    CEO of Foundry Club

    "DFW Excellerator is a great strategic partner and shareholder for our company. They help us successfully launched our products in China and they are in hotel, vending machine, private gym and JD.com.


    - CJ Comu

    Founder & Chairman of EarthWater

    "Our relationship with DFW Excellerator has been, and continue to be, a very positive, productive and rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend DFW Excellerator to anyone who is seriously about entering into Asian market.


    - Yao Zhan

    Founder & CEO of Phoenix Green Food

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